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The Mission

Have you been called to teach?

Sharing your knowledge and gifts with people creates this sense of urgency, empowerment, and responsibility because you know you have something exceptional to share. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you were created to do something but you have no idea where to start, how to package it, and how to truly make living from it.

Called to Cultivate has the step by step support and instruction you've been looking for. We understand your calling to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of others and will provide you with the accountability you need.

Our focus is on helping you transform people through teaching and leading, create greater impact, get your message to the masses, and build a dynasty based on cultivating others.

Our philosophy is to focus on your gift and calling to cultivate. It's through better understanding of this calling that you can properly construct your business, build and renew your faith, find your voice and understand the charge of teaching and training others.

Called to Cultivate is such a special program. We are the only program that focuses directly on spiritual teaching/cultivating and how to utilize this gift in the marketplace.

Through seminars, studies, courses, and coaching we train teachers, community leaders, thought leaders, and people just like you how to magnify and monetize their vision and voice.

With Called to Cultivate you'll learn how to move from perplexed to purposed, inert to active, and from unidentified and distinguished.

Our mission is to enable you to move beyond your talents into gifting and help you clarify your assignment to cultivate others.

If you're ready to diminish excuses and invest your time, talent, and treasure needed to develop your gift and your business I invite you to join us!

The market needs your voice and your experiences. Remember a gift isn't a gift until it's given. The world is waiting on yours.


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