I’m Regina Coley and I’m the creator of the Called to Cultivate movement. As a teacher and educational consultant, I’ve transitioned from the classroom into my full-time ministry teaching and training women and girls. Yes, my business is my ministry. Finally committing faithfully to the work I know I was created to do is the best decision I’ve ever made. I wake up with such a joy in my heart to create courses, curriculum, and content that inspires women and girls.

If you’re in this space I do believe that you’ve been called to do something big! I prayed for you to be here right now reading this because I want you to understand the magnitude of your calling. I too went into an introspective place in wanting to understand what it meant to be called to lead. I saw gaps all around me in the marketplace and I would get infuriated and I couldn’t shake it. I felt that nudge say “Instead of waiting for somebody you are somebody!” I’ve made mistakes in business before due to a lack of knowledge and I thought “There’s NO WAY this assignment and vision could be for me, it’s way too big and way too much responsibility”. I felt scared and ran back to work. But the nudges kept coming. I knew in my heart this is my work; honestly, I’ve known for years.

We can’t run from our calling family.

Calling is the response of a person to the leadership of God to accept a special ministry. This is not limited to joining a full-time Christian ministry but your ministry assignment could be in your secular work. As Christians, we first have responded to the call of God by saying that we accept him as our Lord and Savior. In that response, we also accept the calling to do whatever work He has assigned us to complete.

When people feel “called” it’s normally a response or realization to what that work is. It means submitting your life to God’s will. This is completely separate from your professional work. You can serve God in homeschooling, homemaking, farming, teaching, starting your own business, baking, or working at Target. It may be to a group of people in deed or word but the mission is the same, and that’s to serve to build the kingdom.

What space have you been called to?

A person’s ministry relates to their spiritual gifts and that is why we are focused on these here. This movement focuses on those with the gift of teaching, exhortation, and leadership. We are on assignment to elevate, encourage, and educate! We will work together to strategically map your work and get the inspiration needed for service leadership. Connect with a community of people who are invested in learning, growing, and glowing like you.

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